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HALF of UK police officers say they cannot trust their forces data

By Pamela Cook The Annual Police ICT User Survey has highlighted the unacceptable lack of system integration in the police, with roughly half of respondents saying that as a result, they cannot trust the data they rely upon. 82% of the nearly 4,000 officers from 48 forces felt their forces systems were not well integrated, […]

Breaking down barriers to data sharing: the key to unlocking Smart Cities

By Pamela Cook   Earlier this year I spoke on a panel session at a Data Innovation Day in Brussels. The theme for this year’s event was ‘Smart Cities’ and the panel session itself focused on how we can use citizen data to deliver better public services. There were three key takeaways from this panel […]

Current Attitudes to Data Quality

This article is spot on for highlighting current attitudes to the whole data quality piece within organisations but we believe that there is a growing acceptance and, arguably, respect for the importance of data and we would argue that it is crawling up the agenda underpinning a lot of the MDM/DG projects being planned. Enterprise […]