Financial Services

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The issues you face

Banks need to comply with mandated National and European financial services regulation, to understand fraud, risk and to improve operation efficiency and customer profitability.

The answers we provide

We help Banks to generate trusted, accurate and provable single view of the truth from disparate internal & external data sources. Our approach enables discovery of hidden matches that many other solutions don’t find helping to detect fraud and allow Banks to show clear evidence to prove that their data is accurate, complete and appropriate.

Our solution, your benefit

ClearCore’s Data Quality technology and evidence based approach, with built in auditability and transparency, has been essential to deliver a single view of deposit holders to satisfy the EU Deposit Guarantee Schemes Directive (DGSD). Similarly our approach holds for the UK Financial Services Authority’s SCV, Anti-Money Laundering, Basel II/III, MiFid, KYC and Sarbannes Oxley (SOX).

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“[Infoshare]… enabled Barclays to analyse and understand the impact that changes to the FSA/Basel regulations will have… Infoshare’s ClearCore was one of the few products that could meet the stringent requirements laid out in the requirements”

Stuart Mann – Head of Corporate Banking Risk Systems and e-Enablement Barclays Bank