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The issues you face

Research suggests over 15% of claims are fraudulent with deliberately inaccurate information entered across several systems over time. The Insurance industry relies on dependable data to generate revenue, manage risk, identify fraud, and comply with regulation.

The answers we provide

Our evidenced based approach enables Insurance Companies to get a complete view of customers and household information spread across several systems, by discovering hidden matches linking claims to help detect fraud. We provide a transparent audit trail to demonstrate your data’s appropriateness, completeness and accuracy to comply with regulation.

Our solution, your benefit

ClearCore is designed to be fully auditable and transparent from data profiling to assess completeness, audit codes to evidence the appropriateness of data cleansing & standardisation; and match reports that prove accuracy of linking policies, claimants and associated information across multiple systems across the organization.

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“The ‘best match’ capability of ClearCore has proved hugely valuable in supporting the integration and cleansing of variable quality master data dispersed across multiple physical sources.”

Steve Pearson – Managing Director CatRisk Global Limited