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The issues you face

Law firms are seeing a number of new data challenges within a highly regulated environment in which firms need to mitigate their risks and with fee earners working at full capacity, improve efficiency to increase profits.

The answers we provide

We help Law firms to better manage their and their client’s data to drive competitive advantage and become more effective; from creating a single view of clients to understand & increase profitability; spotting fraudulent activity to mitigating the risk of failing to comply with regulation.

Our solution, your benefit

ClearCore’s data quality technology and evidenced based approach, with built in auditability and transparency helps law firms to create single views of data to work more effectively, improve value to their customers and to put preventative checks in place to conduct customer identification & matching against black lists, for example Politically Exposed Persons, & Anti Money Laundering and to spot potential conflicts of interest.

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“The Infoshare team provided exceptional support and expertise to solve my complex matching requirement”

Bethany Pearson – Phusis Limited