Find the hidden links in your data. Unlock its true value.

Make better business decisions with a live single view of your customers and their consents.

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When 'good enough' data is no longer good enough...

What can you achieve?

The confidence to use your data innovatively and strategically, by having the most accurate view possible of your customers and their consents.

How can we help you get there?

We cleanse and match large volumes of data from across multiple systems in real-time to create complete, accurate and up-to-date single views.

And we match more of your data than anyone else.

“No one else in the market had the flexible technology that Infoshare’s ClearCore provided us. This was an innovative SME producing exactly what we needed”

Jim Conning, MD, Royal Mail Data Services

Reduce your costs

Our clients often tell us that one of the biggest impacts of using ClearCore and ConsentMaster is the huge cost efficiencies they achieve, for instance saving on wasted communications due to having the right address and contact details on each customer record.

We helped one public sector client realise multi-million-pound savings in collection of council tax by tackling fraud, and another corporate client reported a £4m saving in direct cost as a result of switching to Infoshare.

Improve sales and marketing effectiveness

It is a reality for many organisations that their data is split across different systems and departments, each containing different pockets of information. This creates multiple, incomplete views of your customers that can mean business opportunities are lost.

Retaining customers, cross-sell/upsell campaigns and personalised marketing campaigns will all fall short without a complete customer view. We can deliver that view; and enable you to drive increased revenue and make smarter, more profitable business decisions.

Improve your customers’ experience

People are increasingly wanting a more personalised relationship with the organisations they deal with. With accurate and complete data underpinning communication with customers, your marketing and sales communications can be more targeted and effective at meeting their needs.

Additionally, if an up-to-date view of customer consent ensures your communications adhere to their contact permissions, this will help to prove you are treating their data responsibly and support their trust in you.

Become more operationally efficient

We’ve spent years helping businesses improve their operational efficiency, by automating many manual data quality and management tasks. This has opened up extra time for staff to devote to other activities; whether that’s getting on with the day job without having to trawl through different data systems first, or being able to focus on wider projects knowing the data is in safe hands.

Support your compliance

Using our technology as part of your GDPR process will ensure everyone across your organisation who communicates with customers will be complying with their most recent consent, supporting compliance with the ICO and respecting your customers’ wishes.

Unlock deeper value from your data

Without context or meaning, data is just data. But when it can be analysed and used, it becomes information. It becomes valuable. This value can be used strategically to inform decision making, drive innovation, give direction to your sales and marketing, and lead to better and more profitable business decisions.

Successfully power AI and analytics

AI and machine learning systems tend to use mathematical models, which don’t like inaccurate data or missing values. Ensuring the data that you feed into AI or analysis software is accurate and reliable is absolutely vital to the success and application of any initiatives that use this kind of software. A good data foundation leads to smarter AI results that can be relied up and used strategically.

What can we help you with?

Cleanse Your Data

Cleanse Your Data

Data Quality

Cleanse large volumes of data across multiple systems in real-time to identify errors and duplications.

Learn more
Build Single Views Of Your Data

Build Single Views Of Your Data

Master Data Management

Match your records, even from across incompatible systems, to create accurate and live single views of people, consents, organisations, objects, and locations.

Learn more
Support Your Compliance

Support Your Compliance

Data Governance

Merge your customer consent data across departments to help you comply with regulations and ensure the right consent is always used in marketing communications.

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Why choose us?

Unbeaten, evidence-based technology

Unbeaten, evidence-based technology

Our technology creates single views of your data based on evidence, not probability.

Matches missed by other software are picked up by us – more matches, more complete single views, and a better understanding of the people behind the records.

Proven and trusted

Proven and trusted

We have been successfully delivering our technology to high-profile organisations for over 20 years.

We have been the solution of choice by many who handle critical data and trust our ability to manage it sensitively and responsibly, such as government and NHS organisations.

We’re Experts

We’re Experts

We live and breathe all things data.

Our team of technical experts bring extensive experience, deep expertise and an understanding of complex data management challenges to deliver bespoke solutions completely tailored to your needs.

You would be in great company

Other companies who have chosen us include:

" We have never had a better relationship with a supplier as the one we have with Infoshare."

MDM Manager, London Borough of Hackney

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