Data Governance

Data Governance

Let’s collaborate on your data governance programme.

We can deliver the strategy and technological solutions to help you:

Fuel data compliance

Make sure your communications respect customer permissions and comply with GDPR rules, with instant access to accurate and up to date consent data.

Improve understanding of customers and citizens

Achieve a 360 view of customers and citizens by merging their data from across departments. Merged records are more accurate and complete, giving you a better appreciation of people and their needs, including their level of vulnerability.

Trust your data

With improved data quality and data governance strategies in place, you can analyse your data and have confidence in the results. It can then be used to inform business decisions, and underpin transformational projects that require accurate data, such as those that use AI or machine learning.

Increase marketing effectiveness

With the ability to confirm the latest and correct consents, you can be confident that any outbound communications are compliant. Also, activity that is aimed at an engaged and consenting audience is more likely to deliver a better ROI.

Better business decisions

With a data governance programme in place, data is transformed into a valuable strategic asset. It can be used to inform better business decisions, drive innovation, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

Why Choose Infoshare?

Built-in auditability to prove your compliance

For your peace of mind, detailed auditability is built into our technology. You can easily determine if data can, or cannot, be used for a particular purpose, and can check that personal data is accurate and up to date.

This gives you the confidence and ability to use your customer and citizen data more strategically, knowing you can easily prove compliance with data protection, human rights legislation, and freedom of information legislation.

Be instantly notified of consent changes as they happen

Our real time updates alert you to changes in your data as they happen. This gives you the confidence that you are always using the most up-to-date information available.

This is especially beneficial when it comes to consent data. Using incorrect or out-of-date consent information can lead to communication without people’s permission and severe non-compliance penalties if you were to be investigated. You will be alerted to a change in consent as soon as it is registered on any of your systems, so you can maintain compliance in real time.

Match your data using evidence. Not guess work.

Our matching criteria is industry-leading in its ability to identify links between data that has been missed by other technologies. We use evidence to match your data, not probability. So, if there’s evidence of a match, we’ll find it. Our technology gives you complete and accurate information to help you to make the important decisions, fast.

Our Data Governance Solutions

The right data governance strategy supports your data compliance

The best data governance programme starts with your strategy. The success of any data governance programme hinges on creating a strategy that:

  • has the necessary people onboarded to drive governance across the organisation;
  • has processes in place that are supported and followed by all data users, and
  • selects the most suitable technology to achieve governance objectives.

As data governance underpins your compliance, you will want to ensure your programme is planned with compliance built in. We can help you to create your data governance strategy and ensure your organisation is as prepared as possible for implementation.

Get your data fit for purpose with an accurate 360 view

Part of successfully governing your how you use and manage your data is ensuring its quality and accuracy. We can deliver an accurate, transparent, and up to date single view of your data with our data management solution. This will facilitate your ability to complete subject access requests and requests to be forgotten, as well proving you are respecting your responsibility as data holders.

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Keep your communications consensual and compliant

Communication with customers and citizens is likely to garner more engagement when individuals want to hear from you or have expressed an interest in your company. Contact them when they don’t want you to, or when they have explicitly told you not to, won’t just land you in regulatory hot water. It can damage the relationship you have nurtured with them and impact your reputation.

We can arm you with an accurate and live single view of your customers’ consent to make sure you can target your message to those who most want to hear it. And with our real time alerts to changes in consent, you can always be confident you are staying compliant.


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The technical solution to support your GDPR compliance

Complying with GDPR should be achieved by embedding good data governance practices throughout your organisation and ensuring all data users put customers and citizens first. Maintaining data subjects’ privacy and rights over their personal information should inform all processes surrounding data collection, management, use and storage. If it does, you will be on the road to achieving GDPR compliance.

However, ensuring you are using the right technology to facilitate supporting those rights is important; subject access requests and right to be forgotten can only be supported with effective data management in place.

Perhaps the most well-known and fundamental aspect of GDPR is ensuring the communications you send out don’t fall foul of the regulations and have permissions where required. As part of our GDPR solution, we can deliver a live single view of consent that arms you with the information you need about when and how consent was given or refused. You are updated with changes as they happen, and all communications can be proven to be compliant.

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Are you ready to upgrade your data governance and compliance?

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“We wanted to create data accuracy as part of our service, as data degrades at least one-third every year, with all the implications that has for data security and governance…No one else in the market had the flexible technology that Infoshare’s ClearCore provided us.”

Jim Conning, Managing Director, Royal Mail Data Services

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“Infoshare supported the ECB to embed data compliance at the heart of their data governance and quality programme, which included providing end-user dashboards controls to help them understand their data. With their comprehensive audit trails and superior consent data matching, the ECB were able to trust their data and have confidence that they were using the latest and correct permissions.”

Damian Smith, Head of IT, England and Wales Cricket Board