Our Values

Our Values

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Our values run through the core of our business and our people. They determine what we stand for and what we do – identifying the vulnerable, using data for good, empowering SMEs, and Team Infoshare.


Identifying and supporting the vulnerable

Regardless of your organisation type or industry, if you hold data on people, you hold data on vulnerable people.  Bringing your data together to better understand the vulnerable can help you to best support those individuals, which we all have a responsibility to do. Doing so has a very real and positive impact and in some cases, can save lives. For those that are vulnerable, life can be fraught with problems; but it’s extremely important for us that we’re part of the solution and we help our clients to identify those who need their support. This works best when an entire organisation works together to share their data, which is why we are so passionate about breaking down silos to build better understanding from your data.

Data and technology for good

We don’t just talk purpose or preach data for good – it’s what we do and what we have been doing for over 20 years. We are human-driven, not data-driven; central to our approach is the mindset that behind every data record is a person. The protection of the person and their data is at the core of everything we do.

Empowering SMEs

Our very own CEO, Pamela continually fights for the rights of SMEs. She is a member of the Cabinet Office Small Business Advisory Panel and has been since 2010. 24 entrepreneurs and leading business figures are on the Panel, working together with government to ensure £1 of every £3 of government spend goes to small businesses by 2022. SMEs need to have a seat at the table so that the public sector can benefit from our innovation, flexibility and talent. But they also need to be treated fairly and given access to the same opportunities as larger companies. SMEs are the lifeblood of our country and our economy and we will always fight to support and empower them.

Team Infoshare

We are proud and protective of our Infoshare team. Empowered, not micromanaged; each member has strong expertise and deep knowledge, with a can-do attitude and approach. We hire the best – and we keep them. They join us to be a part of something innovative, rewarding and challenging. They stay because we value each and every one of them. Flexible and remote working, leave, benefits, promotions, and rewards : these are all a given at Infoshare. Our team consistently go above and beyond for you, our clients, and so we go above and beyond for them, as standard.

"Using ClearCore has enabled us to target families who need help much more quickly than in the past."

Mary Jarrett, Manager of Nottingham County Council's Programme of Support