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The issues you face

Police Forces requirement for accurate data is truly ‘mission critical’ – lives depend on it. Data from Police Forces is in huge demand and shared prolifically. Whether destined for the PNC, PND, the Courts, the Prison Service, Home Office or the public, data must be evidenced, correct and in line with both Force and Home Office legislation, policies and procedures.

The answers we provide

We create accurate, evidence based single views of criminals; witnesses; offenders and victims across the Force data. Our solutions are used to underpin analysis; identify crime hotspots; linking crimes and criminals and underpinning searching and all front line applications.

Our solution, your benefit

Crimes are solved, compliance and legislation requirements met; increases in efficiencies immediately recognised; costs saved and front line officers given proper intelligence. 2010 Press Release.

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“Infoshare’s solution was head and shoulders above the other companies we considered. Its ability to link and match disparate information, as well as its plentiful police experience, made it the perfect choice because for us this isn’t about introducing another IT system. It is about ensuring we have the best quality information to keep people safe and detect crime.”

“Police departments up and down the country battle with multiple legacy systems that don’t interoperate with each other, preventing a single view of all logged information and intelligence. The Police Forces of the Eastern Region now recognises this and with this initiative is pioneering a joined-up approach that will bring together existing data that will be used as vital evidence to help prevent crimes and terrorism.”

Chief Inspector Andy Gratrix – Chief Information Officer, Cambridge Constabulary