Infoshare is here to help

The issues you face

Patients with unknown or inaccurate addresses; conflicting patient information and care records held across disparate systems and a lack of a single patient view to help planning; identification of vulnerabilities and to manage costs.

The answers we provide

We process the cleansing, deduplication and matching of all of the patient-related data across a trust or region. We create an evidence-driven single inpatient and outpatient view with an ongoing automated data quality management solution. Our approach helps planning, reduces costs, improves the patient journey and underpins the departmental systems by linking to accurate, strategic patient information.

Our solution, your benefit

Our ClearCore solution finds more matches between patients when compared with all other competing technologies. Our Healthcare clients have streamlined their operations, managed their costs and been able to demonstrate compliance in what is a very sensitive area. The presence of the audit codes and the evidence-driven approach offers the knowledge and certainty that is required.