Data Quality

Data Quality

Let us help you improve your data quality.

Why? Armed with accurate high-quality data, you can:

Make better business decisions

Clean, accurate, and up-to-date data with full transparency.

Being able to trust your data means you can make more informed and profitable business decisions.

Improve customer communications

Ensuring your outbound mail is received, relies on accurate contact data.

We remove address errors and discrepancies across records to help your communications reach the right people.

Support compliance

Access to accurate and up to date customer consent data will make sure your communications adhere to customers’ permissions and ensure you don’t fall foul of GDPR rules.

Create a better customer relationship

An accurate view of your customers allows you to deliver a more positive experience.

Whether using their preferred contact method or tailoring your service to meet their needs, a satisfied customer can become a loyal one.

Identify vulnerable people

Organisations of all shapes and sizes need to understand the vulnerability of the people behind the data they hold.

We help you to understand your customers and their level of vulnerability, arming you with the information and confidence you need to support them.

Target fraud more effectively

By improving your data quality, errors are eradicated and the levels of fraud in your system are made transparent.

Effectively target your budget and resources without wastage.

Improve collections strategy

We deliver accurate and up-to-date contact and address data to help you prioritise debt collection, make communications more effective and reduce wasted costs.

Why Choose Infoshare?

Real-time updates. Because data quality is not a one-time exercise.

From moving house, getting married, changing  email addresses, and having children – there are many reasons why your customer data today might not look the same tomorrow. The more data, and systems you have, the quicker the decay.

Therefore, the approach to data quality should not be about making it accurate today. But how you can ensure it is fit for purpose whenever you want to use it.

Real-time updates alert you to changes in your data as they happen, meaning you’re always using the most up-to-date information available. What’s more, if you choose to add in third party data, you’ll be alerted if your customers register fundamental life changes elsewhere.

woman receiving push notification

Expand, enrich, and validate your data with third-party sources

What happens if your customers move without telling you? Change their phone number, or they fall into a vulnerable category? Plugging in data from external sources means you can keep up to date with changes to your customers’ circumstances, even if they haven’t got around to telling you yet.

We cross-reference address data with both internal and external sources as part of our data quality process. We also have a wide variety of third-party data that can be provided in real-time to validate and update key information in your databases.

This allows you to tailor your strategy and communications more accurately. Better personalised experience for your customers, and better ROI and reduced costs for you.

Full transparency of your data and the changes made

If data is challenged, either internally or externally, you have full transparency of all changes made as part of the cleansing process.

For instance, if a customer challenges communication on the grounds of consent (or lack of), you can provide evidence that you were compliant in using the most up-to-date consent they had provided, even showing when and to whom that consent was given.

You are therefore protected from severe non-compliance penalties should regulatory bodies, such as the ICO, investigate.

The data quality process - what do we do?

Help you understand your data

We analyse your data, down to the record level, and report on its accuracy, validity, and completeness.

Cleanse your data

We correct any errors, remove any duplicates, and standardise your data to ensure you have high quality data you can rely upon.

Evidence the cleansing process

A detailed audit trail is produced for each part of the cleansing process to give evidence on any data that was missing, incorrect, inconsistent, invalid, or changed.

Address Validation

We automatically cleanse and correct all address data against internal and external data sources to verify its accuracy and validity.

Data Completeness

When we clean up your data, we remove duplicate records and consolidate them into a single “golden” record, to give you a more accurate and complete view of your customer.

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Customer Data Quality Success Stories

East Midlands Police Forces

Six forces collaborated to jointly improve their data quality. Nearly 1.5m duplicate records assessed and resolved and over £600k in costs savings across the forces each year.

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Brighton and Hove Council

The council cleansed data from 34 separate systems in multiple formats and data types to improve their fraud detection and saved approximately £7m a year.

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London Borough of Hackney Council

The council’s award-winning project removed 10,000 duplicate records from their systems, aiding identification of fraudulent claims, improved collection of outstanding debts and reduced transaction costs by 95% (£7.32 to £0.32).

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