Master Data Management

Master Data Management

Powerful master data management software.

Delivering an accurate, up-to-date, and transparent single view of your data, so you can:

Power your decision-making

Armed with trusted data as a foundation, you are empowered to make more informed and profitable business decisions.

Effectively tackle fraud and identify theft

Our software helps you distinguish between data errors and genuine instances of fraud, allowing you to effectively target your resources where required and reduce your associated costs.

Improve compliance

Don’t fall foul of GDPR. Accurately manage your customer consent data across your organisation to ensure you have got the right permission information to hand when you need it.

Encourage a better customer relationship

A well-rounded understanding of your customer allows you to communicate with them more effectively.

Whether it is using their updated email address, or tailoring your offers to meet their needs, a satisfied customer is more likely to be a loyal one.

Improve your collections strategy

Multiple duplicate records holding conflicting data for the same property or individual, can make collecting debts and unpaid bills difficult.

Bringing these records together to create a single accurate record makes communications more effective and reduce costs caused by using the wrong data.

Identify vulnerable people

When you use us as your data management platform, we help you to achieve a more holistic understanding your customers and their level of vulnerability. This arms you with the information and confidence you need to support them in the best way.

Why Choose Infoshare?

Match your data using evidence. Not guess work.

Our matching criteria is industry-leading in its ability to identify links missed by other comparable technology. We match your data using evidence, as opposed to probability, so if there’s evidence of a match, we’ll find it.

With our technology you can have the confidence that you will have all information available to you to make the important decisions, fast.

But that’s not just our opinion. We have never been beaten in a head-to-head when compared against any of our competitors.

Update your single view with changes as they happen

People make all kinds of life changes every day that will make the data managed in your single view out of date without you knowing it. For instance, moving home, getting married, passing away or having children – all things that could impact your understanding of your customer and change how you use your data.

You can stay informed of changes in your data as they happen by enabling real-time updates via push notifications. If you choose to add third party data to your internal data, you will be notified of customer changes registered elsewhere, even if they have not told you yet. Allowing you to use your organisational single view to unlock strategic value, confident in its accuracy.

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Full transparency of the matching process

Every match made, and the matching criteria used is recorded for you in an audit trail to reference whenever you need it. You achieve reliable, transparent, and compliant data that you’re confident to use.

If a match is questioned, the audit trail can provide supporting evidence for the reasoning behind the match. For instance, if you create a single view of customer consent and a customer challenges your decision to contact them, you can easily provide evidence of your compliance. Not only can you prove you were using the most up-to-date consent given, you can even detail when and to whom that consent was given. This helps to protect you from severe non-compliance penalties from regulatory bodies, such as the ICO.

Our Master Data Management Services

Match your data across systems

We use powerful, evidence-based matching technology to accurately match your records from within, and across, multiple different incompatible systems.

Create a single view of your data

We take the matched records and create a single golden view of your data that you can then use strategically across your organisation.

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Data Analytics

With your accurate data foundation prepared, we can help you capitalise on your new-found data insight.

Effective data management underpins your data strategy

However you want to use your data, managing your data effectively is the foundation from which you build your wider data strategy. Creating an accurate and complete single view unlocks a range of possibilities to use your data in new ways.

Whether it is to improve your operational efficiency, gain a better understanding of your customer through data analysis, or take your organisation to the next level of innovation with AI and machine learning. Whatever you have in mind, the success of any data strategy hinges on using accurate and reliable.

Are you ready to unlock the true value of your data?

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Customer Master Data Management Success Stories

England and Wales Cricket Board

The ECB unlocked the ability to shake up and innovate the sport by first creating a single view of cricket. They were able to view the data on all 1.2m players in one place; significantly reducing costs and allowing them to highly tailor their services.

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Brighton and Hove Council

The council created “The Customer Index” by matching the data from 34 separate systems in multiple formats and data types to improve their fraud detection and save approximately £7m a year.

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London Borough of Hackney Council

The creation of the Citizen Index not only won a SOCiTM award, but in creating their single citizen view they were able to remove 10,000 duplicate records, improve call handling times by 40% and reduce their transaction costs by 95% (£7.32 to £0.32).

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