About Infoshare

About Infoshare

Founded in 1998, we are a proud SME who stands out in an industry of data giants by doing things differently. We believe in helping businesses to use their data for good – we achieve this by using our technology for good. For instance, for over 20 years we have helped public and private sector organisations identify vulnerable people within their disparate data, including children at risk and crime victims, to fast track the vital support and interventions they need.

Protecting people and their rights over their own data is at the core of everything we do. Which is no surprise, considering we first developed out technology by working closely with analysts from the police and child support agencies – uncovering the people behind the data has been built into our organisation and our tech from the start.

Since then, we have worked extensively with organisations who wanted to better understand their data and use it innovatively. We have been chosen by many who handle large volumes of complex, critical data and who need it to be managed sensitively and responsibly, including Police, local authority, and NHS organisations.

Data quality, master data management, and data governance are what we do best: saving organisations millions of pounds; identifying children at risk; identifying fraud; and delivering multi-million-pound savings annually to public and private organisations.

And we match more of your data than anyone else. How?

The technology we created is unique in the industry as it delivers single views of data based on evidence, not probability. This means the record matches that are missed by other software are picked up by us – more matches, more complete single views and a better understanding of the people behind the records.

When ‘good enough’ data is no longer good enough, that’s when we step in.

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