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About Infoshare

Infoshare is a UK-owned and UK-based software company working with organisations needing to create a single view of people, objects, locations and account information.  We help them make the most of their data assets.

We started in 1998 by filling the need to match together complex location-based crime data from multiple external data sources.

We progressed into creating single views of locations, people, organisations and objects across government, financial and marketing organisations – more recently working within the healthcare sector.

Our software was developed as a single platform and not as a mixed assembly of purchased products. We solve mission-critical matching with our evidence-based approach, initially developed hand-in-hand with analysts from within the Police and Child Support Agencies. Through our successes, our customer base now spans both the public and private sectors.

We founded Infoshare in 1998. Since then, we’ve established a reputation as industry leaders in our field.