Infoshare is here to help

The issues you face

Identifying troubled families and vulnerable citizens; underpinning CRM applications; identifying internal and external fraud; establishing children needing support and intervention; and enabling effective multi-agency coordination.

The answers we provide

We create accurate, evidence based single views of citizens, children at risk, fraudsters, locations, organisations and objects.

Our solution, your benefit

Lives can be saved, compliance and legislation requirements met, increases in efficiency immediately recognised, costs saved and service deliveries improved.

Find out how our software can help you

“The council has benefited in a number of ways as a result of our relationship with Infoshare. We believe that without Infoshare’s software, we would have had to invest twice as many resources to produce the same end product”

Shaun Powell – Newport City Council

London Borough of Hackney won the SOCiTM award for their citizen’s index / single view of the citizen underpinned by Infoshare’s technology