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Powering your GDPR compliance with Infoshare

Preparing for the GDPR is on the minds of most organisations at present and yet the path to compliance can seem like a daunting one. You need to have the right people and processes set up to ensure data protection is delivered and the proper governance procedures in place to respond to breaches if they arise. Having powerful data technology in place to underpin your approach reduces much of the manual compliance effort through automation and incorporates data protection as a way of life.


GDPR requires improved data management

GDPR compliance hinges on the assumption that you have sight and understanding of all your customer data and that it is accurate, consistent and up to date. There is much to be gained from ensuring this is the case, outside of simply complying with regulation. Having clean and accurate data and a current, holistic view of what information you hold on an individual from across your organisation can help you extract hidden value from your data. This value can, for example, help drive innovation, streamline operational performance and improve marketing ROI. We can help you unlock this value whilst maintaining GDPR compliance using a combination of our powerful data technology systems.


Where do we come in?

We can help you to:

  • Understand the customer data you hold, it’s accuracy and appropriateness
  • Create a single view of the customer information you hold on an individual from across your organisation
  • Enable subject access requests
  • Ensure the correct and up-to-date customer permissions are available company-wide and any changes are accessible in near real-time
  • Support the investigation into consent breaches

We can support four areas of GDPR compliance, using a combination of our flagship product ClearCore and our new ConsentMaster.


Understanding the data you hold

Your data is the foundation upon which your compliance efforts rest and it is crucial that you have a clear understanding of what customer data you hold, in which systems and how it is used.

We bring together all your customer data from across your multiple systems into one place using an accurate, efficient and evidence-based cross-referencing process.

This holistic view of your customer data allows you to gain insight on what information you hold about each individual and highlight any that is personal or sensitive.

We can then profile your data, reporting on accuracy, validity and completeness, as well as identifying any errors, duplications and inconsistencies.


Data Readiness: Data Accuracy and Integrity

Article 5 of the GDPR requires that the data you hold must be accurate and up to date. Our data quality process generates an assessment of each record regarding completeness, accuracy and duplications. Based on the profile of each record, we can then clean up your data by removing any duplicates or inaccuracies.

We can further enrich your data by cross-referencing against external reference sources or from a derived best internal customer record.

Once your data has been cleaned, we can consider the level of accuracy of your cleansed data and match your records across databases by applying our extremely powerful matching rules.

This ensures you have a singular, up-to-date and accurate view of your customer information that runs right across your organisation.


Supporting customers’ rights: Transparency and Respecting Consent

Our evidence-based approach to building your single customer view has built-in auditability that documents why records across your sources have been matched and helps to prove that the data is fit for purpose.

This transparency of which systems hold information for each customer is critical to your ability to fulfil subject access requests and rights to be forgotten, amend reported inaccuracies and prevent marketing communications when requested.

Additionally, ensuring your communications adhere to individuals’ consent is a key component of the GDPR, and breaches relating to consent carry the biggest financial consequences.

Our central consent module automatically keeps your customers’ consent data updated across all your data sources and establishes arbitration roles to reconcile conflicting consents across sources, by channel or for products and services.


Data Governance: Accountability and Breach Response

The accountability principle in Article 5 of the GDPR requires that, not only are you are able to demonstrate that you comply, but that you understand this is your responsibility.

Our evidence-based approach delivers consistent and trusted data via our automated and repeatable data management processes.  Detailed data audits document all changes made to your data so that you have a transparent view of accountability and the ability to prove your compliance.

However, when data breaches do occur, steps must be taken to detect, report and investigate them. Our detailed audit trail tracks all changes made to your data held in siloed systems and supports investigation by enabling the data links to be scrutinized and the impact to be assessed.


Want to find out more?

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