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ConsentMaster: An automated solution for managing your customers’ consents

Adhering to customers’ permissions and ensuring their consent is obtained for communication is a key responsibility for organisations. However, often customers’ data is held across disparate systems and departments, which makes it a challenge to maintain a current record of contact permissions. When people are working on out-of-date information, the risk of permission breaches increases.

There has been a noticeable shift in public attitude towards unsolicited marketing communication and so if you do contact people in error, it can cause considerable damage to your reputation.

Furthermore, with the GDPR legislation making customer consent a priority and highlighting organisational accountability for contact permission breaches, anyone falling foul of these guidelines could face significant fines and increased negative publicity.

So how can organisations who have disparate systems, departments and processes ensure they are able to effectively market to and communicate with their customers, whilst still complying with individual customer permissions?

Prevent permission related breaches with ConsentMaster

ConsentMaster is a software tool that helps you keep your customers’ consent information updated automatically across all your databases. ConsentMaster supports the following:

  • Reconciliation of customers’ permissions held in multiple disparate sources throughout your organisation into a consolidated view.
  • Review and keep up-to-date all consent data for an individual
  • Capture of the information to support subject access requests (SAR), “right to be forgotten” requests and the associated processes to carry these out.
  • Invoking of the “forget me” functionality to prevent contacting someone who has withdrawn their consent.
  • Specification of any individual preferences for communication method (e.g. if a person prefers to be contacted via email as opposed to phone).
  • Ability to demonstrate accountability and control over customer data.
  • A detailed audit trail to track changes to consent information and providing evidence to support data investigation.

Benefits of using ConsentMaster

Support compliance with data protection rules

ConsentMaster supports your approach to GDPR compliance in several ways. In terms of visibility, it helps provide an accurate view of permissions across all databases to ensure all outbound communications adhere to current consents. In terms of functionality, it has the built-in ability to provide you with the consent information needed to answer SARs and implement consent withdrawals/right to be forgotten requests.

Ensures accountability

Accountability is a central issue when it comes to compliance with data protection rules around consent. Our detailed audit trail ensures you can track changes to permissions and fully investigate update history if there are regulatory queries around any of your outbound communications.

Improved customer trust and brand protection

When your marketing communications are targeted appropriately to those who have explicitly consented, the positive experiences this creates helps to build your customer relationships. Not only are you likely to get more engagement from actively consenting customers, but you can help to shape the public perception of your brand by letting your satisfied customers be your advocates.

Improved confidence in data

As the consent information is updated centrally, you can have confidence that the data you are working with is accurate and up-to-date, with all changes being accessible in near real-time across your entire organisation. This means all outbound communication with customers can be tailored to reach people through the right channels and people are not contacted in error or without their permission.

Automated process reduces your costs for maintaining data accuracy

ConsentMaster automatically processes any changes to your customers’ permission data held across your different systems, and updates into a central consent source for every individual. This means you have access to accurate consent data automatically across your business without needing to change any source systems.

Find out more

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