G-Cloud framework supports SME’s to deliver impact and innovation

by Victoria Thomason

20 May 2015

Infoshare was recently accepted into the G-Cloud 6 set of solutions and services – offering our citizen matching services (ClearCore) for the first time via G-Cloud. We have already been able to send the link to several interested parties who are evaluating ClearCore and want a straightforward procurement route and easy competitive analysis.

Infoshare and the G-Cloud Framework  

As an SME, Infoshare is extremely positive that the G-Cloud framework, with its streamlined procurement processes, will create opportunities for innovative solutions for the public sector market.  The previous procurement processes created a high cost of sales and, often, too high a risk for an SME, not to mention the high cost of procurement across the public sector.   The G-Cloud framework reduces the time, cost and risk for both sides which will result in better, more innovative and cheaper solutions being procured in a much reduced timescale.  Essentially here it is equally appealing to central as well as local procurement officers.

SME Harbour Programme

Infoshare is one of the early adopters and approved SME partners, within the  Atos SME Harbour Programme. This has led to direct business, allowing Infoshare to work with Atos at a local; regional and national level. An important differentiator for us has been the light touch approach adopted by Atos where there has not been a heavy dependency on Infoshare resources, which is critical as an SME. Recently, their SI department have trained up their own delivery team to support Infoshare’s own delivery personnel.


In summary; the presence of our citizen matching services and solution on G-Cloud 6 will have a positive impact upon Infoshare’s ability to do business in the public sector and to gain access to organisations and people previously difficult to reach – this has proven to government that their SME strategy can and does work when applied professionally; transparently and effectively.

About the Author: Pamela is Managing Director of Infoshare, a software and services company working with many public sector bodies, needing to create an evidence-based single view of citizens and children, objects and locations. Pamela also sits with Francis Maude on his Cabinet Office SME Panel and she has been a magistrate since 2006