Infoshare goes green and becomes a remote-first organisation

by Victoria Thomason

23 Nov 2021

woman working at homeAs part of our efforts to be a greener, more sustainable organisation, we have taken the decision to become a fully remote organisation by May 2022. We have always supported our employees working flexibly to manage their work-life balance. However, as we shifted to home working during the pandemic, it became that our team was just as incredible and worked just as collaboratively as they did in the office.

Yes, our catch ups are on Teams as opposed to in the boardroom. And our Friday afternoon socials are now virtual. However, with a workforce that spans the globe, this switch to online has meant our more distant colleagues have been able to join us and feel a closer part of the team.

CEO Pamela Cook said, “The well-being of my team is paramount; we have always worked on a semi-remote basis at Infoshare to fit in with people’s other responsibilities. These past two years have shown how we can flourish in a virtual environment with productivity remaining unaffected.

“However, before we made the decision to close the offices, we wanted to make sure it was a move that would be welcomed by the team. The idea received an extremely positive reception, and so we agreed to go ahead. Some individuals did express the desire to still have regular opportunities to work face to face with colleagues. Therefore, we’re securing spaces in meeting rooms around the capital to give people the option.

“We hope this move will give our employees even more flexibility to fit their job around their lives, and work in a way that suits them. Whether it helps them in picking the children up from school, fitting in a lunch time run, or working when they’re most productive. Closing our offices is also an important step to help us in our aim to reduce our carbon footprint and become a greener organisation.”

Focusing on sustainability is something we’ve been working on for a while. For instance, we are moving all our servers to the cloud, we are donating all our office furniture to local charities and schools, and company laptops are going to be given to our employees’ children to support their school activities. This latest move will continue to support our green efforts.