Pamela Cook, Infoshare CEO, named on the list of Top 100 Global Data Visionaries

by Victoria Thomason

11 Aug 2020

Infoshare CEO, Pamela Cook, has recently been recognised as being one of the Top 100 Global Data Visionaries in 2020. The list, compiled by Hot Topics and Truata, and judged by a distinguished panel of leading authorities, was announced last month.

The aim of the list is to “discover and showcase the top 100 leaders globally who are using data to unlock value, lead innovation and transform their organizations through privacy by design”. All individuals included on the list were judged to have established a culture of data integrity, literacy, and impact.

well done banner from truata and hottopics

There were some significant heavyweights present on the list from large companies such as Amazon, SpaceX, Apple and NHS Digital. Pamela’s inclusion is well-deserved recognition of the great work she’s been leading here at Infoshare. It also comes off the back on her inclusion on the DataIQ’s list of 100 most influential in data earlier this year.

Pamela said: “I feel incredibly honoured to be recognised by Hottopics and Truata on their list of 100 Global Data Visionaries. I am fiercely proud of our ‘Infoshare approach’. Our approach enables the ability to use data innovatively and strategically, whilst keeping the focus on citizen protection. When we have the capability, we have an equal responsibility to ensure that using data for good remains a priority.

“I feel fortunate that Infoshare is in the position to harness data to highlight to our clients citizens who need support. This enables them to make better and earlier decisions on interventions and safeguarding.”

At Infoshare we are led by Pamela’s integrity and commitment to respecting citizens’ privacy and rights over their own data. She has shown that it is possible to treat data responsibly and still gain considerable value from data.

Well done Pamela!