Pamela Cook joins the launch of Women in Data’s MenopauseX

by Victoria Thomason

07 Dec 2021

menopauseX logoLast week our CEO Pamela Cook joined the panel that launched MenopauseX as part of Women in Data’s WiDWeek 2021. The ground-breaking collaboration will provide cutting edge data insights and bridge data gaps that exist here in the UK, and beyond, by including women from minority backgrounds.

Cross collaboration will generate previously non-existent/scarce insights, demonstrate the cost of the menopause to the economy, and, in turn, improve the health and wellbeing of menopausal women and trans/non-binary people everywhere.

Entering positions of leadership at a time of change

MenopauseX research has shown that women are often stepping into roles with greater responsibility and influence during this time in their working life. This career-crucial time can often be impacted by the menopause, and we know that it is affecting women’s workplace confidence to achieve, their wellbeing, and their ability to climb the career ladder.

Inclusivity is key to meaningful data and compelling results

The MenopauseX insights will be used to improve the health and wellbeing of women the world over. To gain truly valuable intelligence, our project design, resources, contributions, data and interpretation will be inclusive and reflective of society.

The project’s commitment to inclusion will be met by addressing gaps in menopause data, for example women from minority backgrounds and non-binary people. Our collective strategy is designed to support identities that have previously been omitted from research studies, who are often more adversely affected earlier in life and with greater health implications.


Watch the full video of the panel event here:

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