Pets at Home bring in Infoshare to become more customer- and pet-centric

by Victoria Thomason

25 Jan 2021

Using data to become the best pet care business in the world: Pets at Home bring in Infoshare to become more customer- and pet-centric

dog and cat under blanketPets at Home have unlocked the ability to gain valuable customer insights and rapidly improve their customer experience by bringing their data in-house and using Infoshare to create a single, accurate view of customers. They have put their data focus into practice with the creation of an innovative new analytics team, who have helped the company put people and their pets at the heart of decision-making.  The objective is to grow value for customers who purchase both products and services from across the pet care ecosystem.  As well as in-store or online product sales, this includes pet grooming, pet care subscriptions or online advice services as well as specialist products for puppies and kittens.

The new analytics team, led by Chief Data Officer, Robert Kent, were tasked with using data insights to improve the customer experience and helping the business make better, more customer-focused decisions. To achieve these objectives, they focused on implementing a data and analytics strategy and new operating model across the Pets at Home Group.  Robert set about establishing a high calibre and agile central analytics team and embracing leading-edge technology to create a competitive advantage through analytics.

It was important for them to create a cultural change within the organisation; one where leveraging data and analytics is the norm and is focused having trusted data to achieve accurate and relevant of insights.

Fundamental to achieving this was removing data silos and create the ability to view and analyse interlinking data from across the business.  To enable this, they brought their VIP loyalty scheme and Vet CRM system in-house to increase the flexibility and velocity of their customer insights. With these now being managed internally, the team could have full visibility of all customer and pet data across the Pets at Home family.

The next step to creating their strong data foundation was delivering operational single views linking people and pet data across all the Pets at Home’s brands. From in-store purchase, Vets, the Groom Room, VIPs, Digital and marketing campaigns – all customer touch points could now be viewed in one place to get a complete understanding of their pet needs and relationship with Pets at Home. This included customers’ communication consent information – so changes in preference with one department could be adhered to by all.

To achieve their single view, they chose innovative UK company Infoshare, who, with their powerful matching technology, have been delivering accurate single views across the public and private sector for over 20 years. They cleansed and matched all of Pets at Home’s customer data to create an accurate 360 view that is updated in real-time.

Chief Data Officer, Robert Kent, said: “Using our data more innovatively to gain valuable customer insight is a key priority for Pets at Home. We want to be able to deliver exceptional customer experiences and ensure we are the UK’s go-to place for pet parents and their pets. To do this, we needed a better understanding of our data and confidence in its accuracy and Infoshare certainly delivered. This has provided the springboard for us to start using our data strategically and has underpinned our upcoming aspirations for intelligent analytics.”

Richard Onslow, Sales Director at Infoshare, said: “Pets are a part of our families, and we’re proud to have been a part of this leading project with Pets at Home. It’s a great credit to Robert and his team to have delivered a strong data foundation from which to promote analytics excellence leading to improved services and experience for pets and their owners alike!”




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