Transformation with Data

by Victoria Thomason

27 Jun 2019

We are thrilled that Damian Smith, Head of IT at The England and Wales Cricket Board(ECB) has been selected as a Finalist in the Data IQ Awards in the ‘Transformation with Data’ category.

Damion Smith – Head of IT at ECB

We have long been supporters of Damian who has created a following of people who have brought into his vision. He has an exceptional understanding and appreciation of data values and he has transformed how England and Wales Cricket Board process, manage, use and appreciate their data assets.

Richard Onslow adds ” [The] ECB are truly doing some transformational things.”   he adds ” they use AI that categorises videos of every ball bowled in real-time which can be immediately fed back to coaches”

It is typical that Damian has led such a significant transformation – he is proven as a leader and his determination to succeed is evident in his personal life too. Damian has already been recognised in the DataIQ top 100 leaders in Data and in while excelling at his role with the ECB he opted to run the Marathon des Sables (recognised as the toughest foot race on earth), raising thousands of pounds for The Lord Taverner’s charity.

I think it is fair to say that Damian is not particularly concerned about tough times and fresh challenges. He is a worthy finalist and we are rooting for him to be the winner on the night.

Photo of cricket bat and ball to support the Infoshare case study for the England and Wales Cricket Board