Troubled Families

by Victoria Thomason

19 Aug 2014

We are not surprised that the number of troubled families has reached a higher level than anticipated as the level of improved interaction between the multiple agencies involved has been very encouraging.  There are a number of excellent case studies from authorities across the country.   We fully support the government’s approach to tackling the issues.

David Cameron says policies must pass ‘family test’

Mr Cameron’s speech comes as the government prepares to launch an extension of its programme to tackle troubled families, set up after the riots in London and other English cities in August 2011.

Up to 500,000 families are expected to be targeted – more than four times the number in the initial stage – with work due to begin first in the 50 local authorities where it has proved most successful.

The head of the programme, Louise Casey, said at the weekend that the families concerned were “off the barometer in the number of problems they have”.

Health issues, both physical and mental, are expected to be at the forefront of the new push.

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