We are Tech Women recognises Pamela Cook, Infoshare CEO, as one of their ‘Inspirational Women’

by Victoria Thomason

18 Aug 2020

We are Tech Women, the UK company aimed at supporting women in the tech industry, has recognised our CEO Pamela Cook as one of their Inspirational Women in Tech. Pamela was interviewed as part of her selection and her profile is now available to view on their website.

We are Tech Women is an invaluable support system for those looking to break into the industry, and indeed those also looking to progress their careers. They have a wealth of free resources available on their website. Educational courses aimed at building women’s skillsets. Jobs listings and volunteering opportunities. Highlighting women focused networks. And a wealth of careers advice.

Pamela said: “The work that We are Tech Women are doing is so important in to get more talented women into our industry and ensure those already on the ladder are able to reach the very top. I wish something like this had been around when I was starting out!

“It’s important that those of us already established in our industry use our position and our voice to help those on their way up. They’re the future of women in technology and it’s our responsibility to accelerate better representation.”

A spokesperson from We are Tech Women said: “Women currently make up only 17 per cent of the technology workforce. At WeAreTechWomen, we believe you can’t be what you can’t see, and hope that by profiling incredible women, it will inspire more women and girls into a career in technology and STEM. It gives us great pleasure to be able to shine a spotlight on Pamela and showcase all her amazing achievements.”


If you’re interested in working in the technology industry, check out the We are Tech Women website for advice, support, learning, and opportunities.