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ClearCore Investigator

ClearCore Investigator lets you analyse, de-duplicate and clean your data with a single click. Drill down results to any data element that you are interested in.

Key functionality

  • Profile Analysis – assessment of data content within each field to understand completeness and accuracy
  • Content Detection – within field discovery of key data types
  • Duplication assessment – reporting on the level of duplication within and across key data attributes
  • Dashboard reporting – presentation of key data quality indicators
  • Powerful Contents Analysis: Automatically profiles single and multi-field data attributes
  • De-duplication: identifies duplicate data between two files
  • Data Contents Check: Built in algorithms to automatically identify format errors and missing or incomplete data fields for all data attributes
  • Preconfigured Reports: Multiple reports for each data file identifying key profiling metrics
  • Single Click from Reports: Accelerate analysis by clicking on any profiling metric to view and browse through the relevant data
  • Dashboard: Highly configurable graphical dashboard to monitor key data profile metrics
  • Monitor KPIs: User configurable KPIs for specific data attributes to compare data profile against organisational or project performance indicators
  • Output to Excel: export any data report to Excel

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