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Profiling – record level data analysis within each column to measure and report on the accuracy, validity, duplication, format, inconsistencies and completeness of the source data. Reports from overall accuracy down to record level to identify sub-standard data for use in manual review or feedback to source systems.

Cleansing – standardising, correcting and verify data to ensure the best quality data is used in match process to produce reliable and trustworthy results. A detailed audit trail and statistics are generated for each part of the cleansing process to indicate any data that was missing, incorrect, inconsistent, invalid, or changed.

Matching – Linking data based on evidence rather than probability. ClearCore performs iterative rounds of cascade matching until matches stop causing further impact changes. This enables discovery “hidden matches” that many other solutions don’t find. Matches can be consolidated into one single “best” record based on record or field level rules. Match rules are applied in real-time within our search capability.

Critically our evidence driven approach produces a data quality audit codes which are used to identify potentially unsafe matches and mitigate the risk of under and over matching, which is not possible with a probability approach to matching. For this reason our solutions are widely in use where the accurate linking of nominal data is mission critical and it is proven to find matches that other solutions on the market fail to find.

The ClearCore product family provides business orientated technology to cleanse, enrich and match data from disparate sources and transform it into a single view / strategic asset.

  • SOA Architecture
  • Offers multiple iterations of matching data to identify possible links
  • Ranked searches / powerful enterprise search
  • Real-time processing
  • Data validation & data matching based on evidence and supported by intelligent audit codes
  • Cleansing against any locally created, common or other proprietary Gazetteer
  • Built in workflow including diagnostic capabilities to review and resolve anomalies and duplications
  • Data quality dashboards and metrics

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