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Our core strength is the ability to identify matches and possible matches missed by other organisations through our evidence-based approach – which in itself, improves results by 5-10% in direct comparison against our competitors.

Detailed audit trails allow any user to understand why records have been matched together and prove the validity of data to customers, senior decision makers and regulators.

Benefits of our software

Our product toolkit


The ClearCore product family provides business orientated technology to cleanse, enrich and match data from disparate sources and transform it into a single view / strategic asset.



ClearCore Investigator lets you analyse, de-duplicate and clean your data with a single click. Drill down results to any data element that you are interested in.



A unique methodology based data cleaning, matching and query resolution tool focused on all locations, both addressable and non-addressable.



Cleans and matches all addressable and non-addressable location data to enable safe and legal location-based multi-agency data sharing.