Archives: February 2014

Getting Buy-In for your Data Management Initiative

Even in a flourishing economic climate, it can be difficult to persuade those who hold the purse strings to allocate budget to projects that appear to have no immediate value. Furthermore, with caution in the air and organisations restricting their spending, it is even harder to convince budget holders to invest in a Data Management […]

Your Data Management System will take into account three key components

A good Data Management System will standardise the data that is input into your system(s), create a single repository for each type of data, govern both the current processes and the generation of new data and, importantly, manage the changes that these processes will bring about in the workforce. It will also take into account […]

What is the cost of not harnessing the knowledge held in data and managing it in an effective way?

Regardless of the type and size, the amount of valuable data available to any organisation will be steadily growing. It is essential, therefore, that senior management understand just how vital it is to implement and continually evolve a robust Data Management Strategy. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Within a feeble economic climate, Data […]