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Feb 2016 Royal Mail Computer Weekly CIO interview

Infoshare’s ClearCore technology is referenced in Computer Weekly’s CIO interview with the Royal Mail Group’s CIO Catherine Doran.   As part of their customer-focused initiatives. Royal Mail use Infoshare’s ClearCore solution to cleanses, enriches and matches data from disparate sources and brings it together into a single view. Read the full article here:  

Infoshare and Oxford Computer Consultants selected to help detect fraud in Warwickshire

Warwickshire Counter Fraud Partnership select Oxford Computer Consultants (OCC) and Infoshare Limited to provide Data Matching Software for Fraud Prevention Warwick January 2016:  Following a competitive tender, Warwickshire Counter Fraud Partnership WCFP are delighted to announce the award of the contract for Data Matching Software for Fraud Prevention jointly to Oxford Computer Consultants (OCC) and […]

Good VS Bad data infographic

Infoshare and Bourne2 announce partnering to deliver innovative data quality solutions.

Bourne2 are Data Mentors who help clients with data governance, data quality, data management, SAP MDG and change management. With over 40 years of experience between them, Mike Bayliss and Matt Stuart of Bourne2, recognise the challenges around business led change programmes and are passionate about coaching organisations in taking control of their data, as […]

The future of Citizen X is a Citizen Centricity world from Gov ICT Conference

Fantastic representation the future of Citizen X is a Citizen Centricity world from Gov ICT Conference last week. Click image to view larger version.

How a Single Citizen View can help local government deliver a better service

In a climate of far-reaching budget cuts and an increasing burden on their services from a growing and transient population, local government today faces huge pressures both from central government and its own citizens to deliver better services, at lower costs. With the background of this challenging environment, more and more local councils are seeing […]

Infoshare enables multi-agency collaboration to pro-actively tackle vulnerability across Health, Police & Local Government in South Wales

  Combining disparate data and information held by each partner organisations about vulnerable people and groups to develop ‘improved intelligence’ Working as part of the Atos SME Harbour to provide innovative solutions to the public sector  


A business event, which will help connect Britain’s small businesses with useful public sector contracts, was announced on the November 9. The Government Exchange, to be held on December 8, will offer the smallest firms the chance to compete with existing Government suppliers for important projects that could be transformative for their long-term sustainability. Delegates […]

Supporting Vulnerable Citizens with Inter Agency Collaboration

Read about how Blaenau Gwent, in partnership with ATOS and Infoshare have created an innovative inter-agency data sharing hub to hold essential information identifying the most vulnerable people based on data held in disparate forms across public service organisations. Each partner organisation will be able to ensure help is given to the most vulnerable citizens; […]

DM projects can save 5 times the spend over a 5-10 yr period

Probably the two most compelling reasons to invest time and money into a Data Management Strategy are cost reduction and better decision-making. One should not underestimate the effect that accurate data has on understanding customer behaviour, buying trends, product retention, promotional activity, financial stability…the list is endless. The initial thought process should precipitate answers to […]