Archives: April 2014

Data helps identify disease patterns

A new online map of England and Wales allows people to enter their postcode and find their community’s risk of developing 14 medical conditions. Researchers at Imperial looked at 8,800 wards in England and Wales, each with a populace of 6,000 people.  They collected data from the Office for National Statistics and from cancer registries […]

Clearcore – not vulnerable to Heartbleed

ClearCore uses .NET and Java runtimes to provide SSL services and does not make use of OpenSSL for this purpose. Therefore we believe that we are not vulnerable to the Heartblead exploit. In addition, preliminary testing of a standard configuration of ClearCore on a dedicated server confirms this belief. Non-standard configuration, or additional components installed […]

Data quality and Jerry Maguire

Show me the money – the best argument for putting forward a data quality business case This is a great article written by Andy Hayler that shows how building a business case for data quality is not rocket science, it just involves taking a simple look at existing business processes and checking the cost of […]

Preparing a business case for the single view of a customer

This is a very comprehensive article written by Mark Humphries on the revenue generation, cost reduction and regulatory compliance benefits of better data management. Preparing a business case for the single view of a customer In previous roles, I have delivered several ‘single view of a customer’ projects. Each time, I prepared a very positive […]

Google says government requests ‘up 120%’ in four years

Google has said the number of requests it has had from governments to share information about its users has gone up by 120% in the past four years. The rise was blamed on an increase in users, but the company also said more governments were starting to “exercise their authority to make requests”. In releasing […]