Archives: March 2014

Good Data is not only a strategic asset, it can save lives

Is it just us or is there still a significant lack of understanding of the fact that good data can be used as a strategic asset and in some cases, can save lives? Ignorance in some quarters is restricting the ability for public sector agencies to identify vulnerable citizens; allowing fraud to take place without […]

Cabinet Office – making a difference to SME’s

We have noticed a significant uptake in the larger companies engaging with us as an SME during the last six months. The Cabinet Office have been extremely supportive of the SME community and the largest suppliers to Government seem to be embracing the innovation and cost advantages presented by the SME’s out there. Whilst it […]

DM projects can save 5 times the spend over a 5-10 yr period

Probably the two most compelling reasons to invest time and money into a Data Management Strategy are cost reduction and better decision-making. One should not underestimate the effect that accurate data has on understanding customer behaviour, buying trends, product retention, promotional activity, financial stability…the list is endless. The initial thought process should precipitate answers to […]