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DataIQ top 100 list announced

DataIQ is a membership based business with a mission of advancing the profession of data and analytics.  They have been following the careers of chief data officers, chief analytics officers, data scientists, data governance experts and the leaders of key vendors and service providers and have put together a highly regarded ‘power list’ of the […]

Council acknowledges the importance of a single citizen view – by Pamela Cook

It was refreshing to see in a recent article on that Cornwall Council acknowledges the importance of creating a single citizen view in order to move closer to fully supporting their citizens and enabling a more satisfying citizen experience. Whilst Cornwall Council has had a less than straightforward experience with its outsourcing partner BT, an […]

Give data sharing partnerships a chance – by Pamela Cook

I was drawn to an article today on, on the topic of ‘NAO: ‘Confusing’ data-sharing rules are a major barrier to health and care integration‘. The issues here are in common across many data sharing initiatives, such as safeguarding and the identification of our society’s most vulnerable citizens. However, what the article has not […]

Data revolution ‘comes for government’ according to John Manzoni, Chief Exec of the civil service

This interesting piece from was published last week: Civil service chief John Manzoni urges change as data revolution ‘comes for government’ We cannot agree more with the recognition that good quality data is the lifeblood of government decisions and that the focus needs to be on getting the data right.  Using it transactionally and […]

Preparing a business case for the single view of a customer

This is a very comprehensive article written by Mark Humphries on the revenue generation, cost reduction and regulatory compliance benefits of better data management. Preparing a business case for the single view of a customer In previous roles, I have delivered several ‘single view of a customer’ projects. Each time, I prepared a very positive […]

The role of the Data Governance Function

Alan D. Duncan is Director of Data Governance at University of New South Wales, Australia. An evangelist for information and analytics as enablers of better business outcomes, he was named by in their 2012 list of “Top 12 Data Governance gurus you should be following on Twitter”. His latest blog post offers a personal […]